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Our valued clients.


Before working with Ruben, my business was at risk. I did not have a cloud based disaster recovery solution and my data was not accessible across multiple devices (including mobile) and multiple locations. This limited my productivity while traveling or out of the office. My laptop was operating poorly and the software I was using for my business was outdated. With so many technology solutions out there today, I felt overwhelmed with tackling this on my own. I needed to outsource these solutions to an expert and get this done in record time so my business could operate optimally. Ruben was wonderful to work with and his passion for technology shined through in the technology solutions he provided for my business. The 4 most significant improvements in my business are optimization of my hardware and software, a full backup and disaster recovery cloud based solution, reduced operating costs and increased efficiency with a streamlined business model and web site intelligence through Google Analytics thanks to Ruben and Cybersuarez. All of these technology solutions Ruben provided resulted in increased productivity yielding higher revenue in my business. If anyone questions the value of Cybersuarez services, please email me and I’ll be happy to talk to you about it. (Stacey Cripps, CEO, DiamondValue Executive Coaching email:

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